Kiddie Bumper Boats have been entertaining children, in 50 countries for over 30 years. The easily maneuvered Kiddie Bumper Boats are extremely stable. The boats are electrically powered by a 12 volt DC motor, connected via a flexible cable system, allowing the boats to run up to 10 hours on a charge, with our maintenance-free battery. Our design allows the boats to run in just 14 inches of water.

We have created aluminum pool systems in various sizes, accommodating up to 12 boats and only taking two hours to assemble. The ride is ideal for FEC's, indoor malls, traveling shows, and amusement parks. Complete turn-key unit includes: boats, batteries, multi-charger, pool, filter, tent, spare parts and an optional trailer.

For insurance purposes "Kiddie Bumper Boats" has an accident-free record. The overall designs of the Kiddie Bumper Boats have proven to be a safe and successful, revenue-making ride. Our boats are guaranteed for 5 years on construction; and one year warranty on all movable parts.

Construction: Seamless, roto-molded polyester
Motor: 12 volt, permanent magnet - 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 amp/hr
Drive Unit: Flexible shaft
Steering Linkage: 100% stainless steel construction
Propeller: Molded high density plastic with marine grade bronze hardware
Inflatable: Colors: orange, yellow, red, blue, green
Battery Case: Molded high density plastic
Battery: 34 amp hr, rechargeable, spill proof, deep cell, gel sealed and maintenance-free
Weight Capacity: Max. weight, 70 lbs or 31 kg. For ages one and a half and up
Running Time: With our gel sealed power pack up to 5 hours
Ignition Options:
1. Off & On switch
2. Mechanical key-wind, 1-5 minute timer with 10 second beeper/light when ride is over
3. Magnetically activated solid state timer
Charger Options: Power 10 multi charger: 12v 220ac
Boat Weight: 26lbs without battery
Overall Dimensions: 52" long by 38" wide by 19" high with inflatable
For Insurance Purposes: Kiddie Bumper Boats record is 100% accident free. Pool system available for indoor or outdoor use: 100% aluminum (with inner liner)
Warranty: All movable parts are guaranteed up to 1 year, and 5 years on boat construction, against factory defects

Established in 1979
Manufactured & Distributed by:
PO Box 739, Newport, RI
Toll Free: 1.800.446.1052