The "Big" Kiddie Bumper Boats are designed to serve rthe next generation above the audience we already serve with our highly successful Kiddie Bumper Boats. "Big" Kiddie Bumper Boats are designed to accommodate larger riders than our smaller boat - from 39 to 66 inches tall and weighing up to 120 lbs.

Big Kiddie Bumper Boats are powered and controlled by a new, more powerful DC motor driving a new, bigger plastic propeller via our time-tested and highly reliable integrated stainless steel Flexdrive system. Our Flexdrive system is the only system in the industry that eliminates the risk of water-related electrical concerns by locating the entire motor and electrical module high and dry inside the solid plastic hull.

"Big" Kiddie Bumper Boats continue to feature a solid roto molded polyethylene hull supported by a sturdy inflatable. The boat runs in only 14 inches of water. "Big" Kiddie Bumper Boats replicate the pre existing configuration that has allowed "Kiddie Bumper Boats" to operate entirely accident-free for over 25 years. Their low center of gravity seating makes them especially stable while at the same time offering a highly maneuverable and fun ride.

Construction: Seamless, roto-molded polyester
Motor: 12 volt, permanent magnet - 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 amp/hr
Drive Unit: Flexible shaft
Steering Linkage: 100% stainless steel construction
Propeller: Proprietary two-blade, high-pitch, molded plastic
Inflatable: Colors: orange, yellow, red, blue, green
Battery Case: Molded high density plastic
Battery: 34 amp hr, rechargeable, spill proof, deep cell, gel sealed and maintenance-free
Weight Capacity: Max. weight, 120 lbs or 64 kg, at heights from 39" to 66"
Running Time: With our gel sealed power pack up to 5 hours
Ignition Options:
1. Off & On switch
2. Mechanical key-wind, 1-5 minute timer with 10 second beeper/light when ride is over
3. Magnetically activated solid state timer
Charger Options: Power 10 multi charger: 12v 220ac
Boat Weight: 35lbs without battery
Overall Dimensions: 64" long by 42" wide by 21" high with inflatable
For Insurance Purposes: Kiddie Bumper Boats record is 100% accident free. Pool system available for indoor or outdoor use: 100% aluminum (with inner liner)
Warranty: All movable parts are guaranteed up to 1 year, and 5 years on boat construction, against factory defects

Established in 1979
Manufactured & Distributed by:
PO Box 739, Newport, RI
Toll Free: 1.800.446.1052